Welcome to Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society

In order to control the spread of HIV/AIDS, Government of Andhra Pradesh implements the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) as a centrally sponsored scheme. The third phase of NACP was launched in July 2007 with a goal to ‘halt and reverse the epidemic’ by the end of NACP phase III. A multipronged approach of service delivery integrating various components of HIV prevention, care, support and treatment, defined the strategy during NACP III. Having truly achieved this mission reflected by the decreasing trends of HIV prevalence evidenced by the HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HSS), APSACS now gears up for the fourth phase of NACP. The mission for NACP IV shall be ‘accelerating reversal and integrating response’.

  1. Reduction of New HIV Infections.
  2. Reduction in mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Survival of AIDS Patients on ART.

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