Care & Support Centers

Care Support Treatment (CST)

The main objective of Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) Centre is to provide comprehensive package of Care, Support and Treatment services to persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). The specific objectives of an ART centre are to:

  1. Register and provide Care, Support and Treatment services to all PLHIV and monitor patients in HIV care (Pre- ART) regularly.
  2. Identify eligible PLHIV requiring ART and initiate them on ART in a timely manner as per the NACO guidelines Provide ARV & OI drugs to eligible PLHIV
  3. Provide treatment adherence and counselling services before and during treatment to ensure high levels of drug adherence
  4. Counsel and educate PLHIV, care givers, guardians and family members on nutritional requirements, hygiene, positive living and also on measures to prevent further transmission of infection
  5. Refer patients requiring specialised services (including admission) to other departments/higher facilities/ CoE
  6. Provide comprehensive package of services including condoms and prevention education with a view towards “Positive Prevention”
  7. Ultimately integrating HIV care into general health system for long term sustainability.

APSACS is providing through establishment of 40 Anti Retroviral Treatment Centres in Government Hospitals providing free ART medicines to all eligible PLHIV in the state. ART services are widely decentralised with established of 37 Link ART + centres and 90 Link ART Centres. More than 1,53,706 PLHIV are presently receiving ART medicines free of cost from the ART centres in the state.

As on April 2017 ART Details

  • Pre ART Reg. - 354488
  • Active Care - 183343
  • Alive on ART - 153706
  • Pre ART Deaths - 17166
  • On ART Deaths - 60489
  • Pre ART LFUs - 25814
  • On ART LFUs - 24523

28985 ART Patients are received ART Pensions through NTR BHAROSA for the month of March 2017

New applications will be added as and when the accounts are entered in NTR Bharosa.

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