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The National AIDS Control Programme (NACP III) condom promotion strategies recommended on integrating the promotion of condoms for family planning and HIV/AIDS intensely across the entire country using social marketing approaches. This integration will enable implementation of highly focused social marketing programmes aimed at achieving the NACP III goal and of ensuring that every sex act with risk of unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS transmission is protected with condom use. While translating this audacious goal into action the demand of condoms needs to grow from 2.2 billion to 3.5 billion and number of outlets selling condoms need to grow from 1.1 million to 3 million by 2012. The number of social marketing programmes on the ground needs to grow from the existing 10 to 25. The analysis of the social marketing programmes indicated its attribution to growth in the condom market and condoms. This led to the recommendations made by the working group of NACP III for adoption of social marketing strategies under NACP III. APSACS has constituted a Technical Support Group towards development and implementation for condom social marketing programmes for achieving NACP III objectives of condom promotion.

The prevalence of HIV infection is considerably higher among high risk groups and the epidemic In India is still largely concentrated among core groups and bridge population. DAPCU through its Partners, public and private sector organizations and other stake holders has been at the forefront of the battle against HIV/AIDS. Correct and consistent use of condom is being promoted by DAPCU for prevention of transmission of HIV, protection from STI and unwanted pregnancy. Condom usage among high risk groups is being promoted through Targeted Interventions Programme. DAPCU has also undertaken targeted condom social marketing through SMOs to ensure accessibility and availability of condoms at high prevalence/high fertility districts.

  • Increasing demand for condoms with normalization amongst high risk, bridge and general population
  • Minimizing wastage in free supply of condoms and maximizing its access to the most vulnerable groups
  • Expanding accessibility and availability of condoms across the country with focus on priority districts and HRG sites
  • Expanding social marketing programs to saturate coverage in districts characterized by high HIV prevalence and / or high family planning need, migrant locations, Trucker Halt Points

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