Governing Body

1. Principal Secretary to Government, HM & FW Dept, President
2. Prl. Secretary/Secy. to Government, Finance Dept. Member
3. Prl. Secretary to Government, Women, Child Welfare Dept & Handicapped Member
4. Prl. Secretary/Secy. to Government, Education Member
5. Prl. Secretary/Secy. to Government, Tourism and Culture Dept., Member
6. Prl. Secretary/Secy. to Government, Youth Advancement Dept., Member
7. Prl. Secretary to the Government, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Dept., Member
8. Prl. Secretary to the Government, Panchayath Raj & Rural Development Dept., Member
9. Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare Member
10. Director of Medical Education, A.P. Member
11. Director of Public Health & Family Welfare, A.P. Member
12. Commissioner of AP Vidya Vidhana Parishad Member
13. Director, Institute of Preventive Medicine Member
14. Director of Drug Control Administration Member
15. Additional Project Director, AIDS Control Society Member
16. Joint Director, Basic Services, AIDS Control Society Member
17. Joint Director, Blood Safety, AIDS Control Society Member
18. Joint Director, Care Support and Treatment, Member
19. AIDS Control Society Joint Director, Finance, AIDS Control Society Member
20. Two Non-Governmental Organisations to be nominated the President. (The term of the Non Governmental Orginsiations shall be for one year) Member
21. One Representative from HIV Positive network Member
22. Director of School Education Member
23. Director of College Education Member
24. Director of Doordashan Kendra Member
25. Director All India Radio Member
26. Zonal Officer, UNICEF Member
27. Project Director of AP State AIDS Control Society Member/ Secretary

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