Integrated Counseling & Testing Center

Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC) is a GATEWAY to PREVENTION, TREATMENT & CARE. ICTC have the following benefits.

ICTC: Integrated Counselling and Testing centre is a place where a person is counselled and tested for HIV, on his own free will or as advised by a Medical Provider.

  1. Increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and its modes of transmission.
  2. Strengthen prevention and facilitate behaviour change (risk reduction).
  3. Facilitate behaviour change in HIV-positive people.
  4. Counsel HIV-negative clients to remain negative life-long and HIV-positive clients to prevent the further spread of HIV (positive prevention) as well as access the continuum of care services.
  5. Help in acceptance and coping with one’s sero-positive status.
  6. Provide psychosocial support through referral to social peer support through District Level Networks.
  7. Identify the need for PLHIV requiring for prevention of Opportunistic Infection I(OI) prophylaxis and access to ART.
  8. Reduce parent-to-child transmission of HIV.
  9. Screen for TB symptoms and refer patients for diagnosis and treatment.
  10. Facilitate early management of HIV-related infections and STIs.
  11. Encourage orphan care.
  12. Increases the visibility of HIV in communities, thus ‘normalizing’ HIV/AIDS.
  13. The Laboratory Technicians are also performing Syphilis test, for the clients referred from STI clinic.

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